An update on our programme!

photo 5

The team met up today to concretize some exciting ideas! Some highlights of the final programme include kaleidoscope making in Visual Arts, basic Music composition skills, compelling movements from Dance and Physical Theatre.

We have also covered the minutiae of the programme such as conducting a risk assessment for all activities to ensure the safety of all campers and providing nutritious meals for them.

photo 1
Natasha (left) & Bernice (right) presenting their Dance programme

photo 2

Participants will get to design their very own Dream journal and throughout the four days, they will think and write about the idea of Dreams! The Camp Chartwell team has decided this theme of Dreams could refer one’s aspirations and/or imagination. Hence, the kids could envision their dream occupation or any any other imaginative stories.

There will be a Visual Arts showcase at the end of the camp and captivating  percussion music items, as well as a jazzy and energetic dance!!


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