Testimonials on our previous camps!

Here are the reviews that we’ve gotten when we had our camps back in 2008 and 2009! 🙂

“Sarah looks forward to this Camp EVERY YEAR. The organizers are dedicated, great with kids and have loads of initiative and ideas! I love that it is run by teenagers and not adults. That, to me, is the best part. Sarah has made tonnes of friends and talks about them throughout the year. Kudos to the team behind Camp Chartwell!” – Bay Chern Chieh

“Divya attended 2 sessions- and loved it. Even today she speaks fondly of Camp Chartwell… Highly recommended.” Vidhya Logendran

“Thank you Nicole and gang for organising the camp! My girls had a whale of a time! But they did miss their regular campmates (those who were away) and Natasha:)  They really would have liked to perform on the last day but unfortunately it clashed with the church camp:(” – Florence Koh 

“Sarah (Lam) told me that you are one of the “nicest jie jies” (referring to Bevin Ng) at camp. She had such a good time and I wanted to thank you and your friends for doing a really good job.” – Michelle Goh

We’re really excited to continue to share our love for the arts in this upcoming camp! 🙂 Registration ends on the 26th of May, so please do sign up soon! See you guys in June!


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