Confirmed Menu for Camp Chartwell 2013

3 June 2013
Day 1: Xing Zhou Fried Rice

-A mix of vegetables
-Scrambled eggs
-Chicken franks

4 June 2013
Day 2: Grilled Fish with Garden Vegetables and Potato Salad

-Fish fillet
-A mixed of vegetables eg.carrot and corn
-Potato tossed with mayonnaise and shallot

5 June 2013
Day 3: Steam Rice with Chicken Karage, Stir-fry Yan Cai and Steam Egg with Crab-meat

-Deep-fried chicken thighs
-Silken egg with crab-meat
-Garlic infused Yan Cai

6 June 2013
Day 4: Fried Noodle and Fish Ball with Tomato Sauce

-Yellow noodle
-Diced potatoes
-Fish Ball cooked in Nissin tomato sauce
-Tau Kwa

Refreshments for post performance on Day 4 includes:

1) Fuit Platter (Water melon, honeydew or grapes)
2) Oreo Cookies tray
3) Wholemeal Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich
4) Mini Alphabet Tartlets
5) Vanilla Rolls
6) Mini Eclairs / Cream Puffs
7) Assorted Jelly
8) Mini meringues
9) Drinks (Apple juice/Green Tea Lemon)


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