My child is quite shy. Will he/she fit in well?

We understand that different children have different styles of working and learning, thus at Camp Chartwell we believe in learning art in a way that is non-pressurizing and fun, catered to the individual child’s needs. Some of the activities at Camp Chartwell will naturally require more interaction with the other participants, but we will have older buddies assigned to your child to ensure the learning takes place in an environment that is comfortable and safe for him/her.

Is the programme too advanced for my child?

In Camp Chartwell, we simply hope to instill an interest in the arts amongst children, allow them to grow in confidence, and provide them an avenue for healthy and creative expression. We are catering our programme to children from all backgrounds, many of which might have no prior knowledge or experience in the arts. Skills for the various activities, for example making a kaleidoscope or even the dance routines, will all be taught at the camp itself.

How will you be ensuring safety for the children?

As we are working with very young children, our facilitator-participant ratio is kept at 1:3. The participants will be broken up into smaller groups so the facilitators can keep a closer eye on them. All facilitators will have a booklet with emergency contacts and standard operating procedures at all times. There will also be someone assigned to account for the number of children in the group at every session, as well as to ensure their general safety. As organizers, we have taken the time to carry out our own risk assessment measures. For a more detailed plan of the activities, you can email us and we will be happy to let you know more about what we will be doing.

How many places are available?

We have a total of 40 vacancies for this year’s Camp Chartwell. You may still register your child after the cap (he/she will be placed on the waiting list) and we will email you if there is any availability. Do register here now to secure a spot and avoid any disappointment! Payment details will be sent to you after your registration has been confirmed.

Are we allowed to sit in the camp’s sessions? Or accompany my child?

We have no strict policy against sitting in sessions, but we will only limit this to the first day as we would like your child to interact with the other participants as much as possible. Perhaps you could also invite a close friend to enroll with him/her so he/she feels more at home with someone he/she is more familiar with.


My child has something on on one of the camp days. Will he/she be allowed to leave midway during the camp?

Your child can feel free to leave for his/her appointment. However, please take note that they will be no refund/subsidy offered for any of the activities he/she misses. We still highly recommend that your child attends all camp days, as the skills taught is essential for the end of camp showcase.

Is there a refund if my child falls sick during the camp?

Participants who are ill during the camp are eligible for a 50% refund for the days he/she is unable to attend. All refund requests for illness must be submitted to campchartwell@gmail.com. Please note that we may request for relevant documents such as MCs to verify your child’s inability to attend the camp.

My child has special needs. Will there be any special arrangements made for him/her?

Although some of our facilitators have had experience working with children who have special needs, none of us are trained to do so. If you do decide to go ahead with signing your child up, please let us know more about him/her! We will ensure that individual attention is given to your child at all times. However, we cannot guarantee that he/she will be able to benefit from the full experience of participating in Camp Chartwell.

Is there a list of items to bring for the camp?

The items that your child will need will all be provided for during the course of the camp! However, we would encourage your child to bring a water bottle so that he/she can keep hydrated! Also, if your child should bring his/her own personal medication if necessary.

Why are the camp fees more expensive compared to some holiday programmes?

At Camp Chartwell, our programme spans across the four art forms of Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre. This breadth is not commonly offered in holiday programmes! Not only that, our programme is uniquely anchored in process-based learning and self-discovery. In SOTA we had the privilege of being under the tutelage of practising artists who are active and influential in both the local and international arts scene. We now seek to give the children a real and deep understanding of the arts that is relevant for them and supplements their own education. We offer a high quality of facilities at the Little Arts Academy, as well as meals for your children, all materials, and an enjoyable end-of-camp showcase for your family to celebrate your child’s learning and talent.

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