Visual Arts


Through the means of visual arts and design, we aim to provide a platform for children to express themselves with the joy of creating and discovering earthly treasures, appreciating Nature and the environment we live in. Adopting Professor Massayo’s education methodology, “Many Ways of Seeing”, these workshop sessions would cultivate the sense of wonder within, instilling observational skills of the environment in multidimensional perspectives and the visualization of information through touch, shapes, colors and the different elements of art. There are many creative possibilities in store and these learning processes would be documented into their individual sketchbooks.



As believers of interactive and structured learning, participants will be exposed to the elements of music through a series of activities aimed at nurturing the creation and improvisation of music. Through Camp Chartwell’s music program, we hope to develop sensitive listening within the children and to encourage creativity and confidence using percussion and vocal training.



Camp Chartwell’s participants will be exposed to dance genres such as Contemporary Dance and Jazz. A wide variety of creative dance stretches and exercises will be done as part of our daily warm up routine. Our sessions are designed to expose our participants to different ways of moving which the participants are capable of in a fun and engaging environment. Through the carefully planned exercises, the participants will be opened to aspects of dance such as spatial awareness and movement exploration. The dance program ultimately hopes to bring out their personal voice through dance.



As we grow up and experience our world, we collect memories that we grow to treasure and look back upon fondly. It’s these unique memories that make us who we are. The theatre programme at Camp Chartwell will explore these anecdotes through the use of improvisation, storytelling and physical theatre. Using such avenues, the children will brainstorm and create pieces that are relevant and personal to them. From these activities, we hope they will learn to be more sensitive to their own artistic temperament, their fellow actors and their environment.

End-of-Camp Showcase


At the end of Camp Chartwell, campers will have the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt during the camp to parents and family members. It is during the showcase that our campers develop their self-confidence and learn to be comfortable in front of an audience!