The Team 2014

Camp Directors

Mariel loves art. She loves people, too. Founding Camp Chartwell was perfect as it allowed her to marry both her passions. This is her fourth time running it with Nicole and she’s sure it’ll be a blast. Mariel’s artworks have been exhibited in the Singapore Art Museum@8Q, the National Art Center in Tokyo, several group exhibitions in SOTA Exhibition Gallery and certain law firms in Singapore. Apart from organizing Camp Chartwell, she will be doing an internship with the National Gallery of Singapore this summer. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling on a shoestring budget, scouting for abandoned places, learning sign language and walking barefoot. She is having the time of her life in Yale-NUS College, experimenting with creative writing and film-making with resident film crew, 13th Floor Productions.

NicoleNicole’s enthusiasm in spreading the love of art to the younger generation inspired her to found Camp Chartwell with Mariel. She finds much happiness in just being active, using her hands, and having a wonderful time with children. Her works have been exhibited in various exhibitions such as in 8Q@SAM, SOTA Gallery and even in school. She recently dropped out of school (just kidding, she quit school and will be heading to overseas to study Architecture) and is currently working as a *chef* at a really awesome cafe. She is planning to check many things of her bucket list during this gap year, like making a film, learning ceramics and learning to cook Peranakan food!

Visual Arts 

DaisyDaisy feels strongly about bringing her love for art to the next generation. She has worked with different organizations, such as Prison Fellowship Singapore and Club Rainbow, to conduct art camps and workshops to children, and also led a team to Cebu, Philippines, teaching arts and craft to a local community in Tap Tap Barangay. Right now she’s an art instructor at Studio Haroobee, a private art studio for children, pursuing her passion for teaching art and am very excited for university studies in Taiwan this coming September. She also occasionally teaches ceramics at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. And if all that still has not blown you away, Daisy’s ceramic works have been presented to Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and President Tony Tan.


TriciaTricia loves to immerse herself in the arts and supports the local art scene in her own capacity. Apart from being classically trained as a pianist, she plays pop piano and has composed and arranged music in a variety of styles. One of her pieces was featured in a theatre production, The Perfection of Ten by Sean Tobin! Tricia also went for a music exchange program with Sankt Annæ Gymnasium School in Copenhagen and participated in their piano masterclass. She is now studying Computer Science in NUS and performs piano duets during Tembusu College’s Classical Music Nights. Apart from music, she enjoys creating and designing posters and websites like the one you’re looking at now!

Jingyun_croppedJing Yun believes in providing every child and youth with the opportunity to develop their interests and realise their potential in the arts. She loves working with children and youths, and has been part of many arts-related community service activities, such as initiating Music ALOUD!, a year-long music programme held in conjunction with her old child care centre, TOUCH Child Care @ Clementi. She also co-founded a youth a capella vocal group for non-music students in School of the Arts, Singapore, called Syncopella. In her free time, she enjoys listening to and creating music, spending time outdoors — particularly at the beach and jogging in parks — as well as cafe hopping when her money allows her to. She is currently teaching private tuition and music lessons, and is also taking up the challenge to learn to….swim. Or perhaps to first learn how to keep afloat!

Samantha Lee Bio PictureSamantha is excited to share the joys of Music with this year’s Camp Chartwell participants, having learnt the piano since 4, and the violin since 6 years of age. Apart from being enrolled in SOTA and selected for the Artistically Gifted Programme, she has been a part of several orchestras and chamber groups to hone her musical skills as a violinist. Samantha hopes to bring Arts Education to both local and international communities, being involved in projects with Beyond Social Services, Indus Moral Care Centre, and leading a team to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to conduct Arts-related activities with the underprivileged amongst other involvements. She is currently working on designing an Ebook that aims to teach basic music theory through interactive media.


berniceBernice will be joining the Camp Chartwell team for the second time this year. She has a great passion for dance, and while she started out with ballet, she now has a wealth of experience in modern dance, jazz, Chinese dance and flamenco. You shouldn’t be surprised to see her burst into random dance moves at the oddest places and times. She also loves kids, biology and sleep…but you didn’t need to know that. She is currently studying Biomedical Sciences with TCM in NTU and is the Assistant Cultural Director of her hall. Her dance group in NTU recently came out champions in a dance competition!

photo1Kimmie is a passionate about dance and aspires to become a renowned contemporary dancer in the future. Even before graduating from School of the Arts, Singapore, she has been offered places at prestigious dance institutions such as Boston conservatory, The Hart School and even Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Making use of the skills she possess, Kimmie has also taken the time to give back to the community by teaching the less fortunate to dance locally and abroad. She has taught at local organizations such as such MINDS, Student Care Services, Yong En Care Centre and places abroad including children in Vietnam and Thailand. This time, Kimmie hopes to be able to give the children at Camp Chartwell a taster to dance and movement expression.

yukiYuki started ballet at the age of 4 and has since gained experiences in various dance forms including modern dance, Hip Hop and Chinese dance. She absolutely loves how the body can used as a medium to express and hopes to share this love for dance with the children attending Camp Chartwell this year! Apart from dancing, she loves attending performances of different art forms and going for art exhibitions. Yuki has also had many experiences working with children, teaching them dance and visual arts during community service projects both locally and overseas. She is currently working as a teacher’s assistant with an English private tutor.


shifaaShifaa will be joining Camp Chartwell for the first time this year, and she is really excited to be a part of this experience. Growing up in a family that values the arts and culture (her grandfather a Malay language teacher and musician, her mother an art teacher), it has become an important part of her. In primary school, she started out at the choir, then to the book club and finally the drama club where for the past 9 years, she has grown to love. Shifaa has volunteered at various organisations, organising arts activities for children from different social backgrounds. For her, engaging and understanding the community is an important step in building and maintaining relationships. This is why she has decided to pursue anthropology in university, so she would be able to better make sense of the issues around her and of the people in it.

Camp Chartwell photo (Viraj.2)Viraj will be hopping onboard the Camp Chartwell team for the first time this year! Her interests range from volunteering in a variety of community service projects to silly things like talking to all the cats at her void deck, pretending that they can understand her. Above all though, she loves to make stories come to life through theatre. Always raring to let her imagination flow whether it’s through writing scripts or painting sets, she’s super excited to spread her enthusiasm for theatre and grateful for the opportunity to do so during the camp. She also wants to let you know that she once jumped onboard a moving train in Mumbai (although it was moving very slowly).