The Team

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Camp Director

Mariel Chee‘s greatest heroes have always been at least 10 years younger than her. She is constantly surprised and inspired by the unbridled imagination of children, their thoughtfulness and sense of fearlessness.  This summer, she and Jeza were awarded the Yale-NUS Social Impact Fellowship to work on ‘Another City’ – an arts and design thinking program where children were invited to imagine the city. Their team took primary school students on a 5-day journey of understanding the issue of urban poverty in Singapore and creating their own visions of a future Singapore. In whatever free time she has left, Mariel enjoys rock-climbing, reading graphic novels, and playing games (like Undertale). A fun fact: she recently started learning Thai. Another fun fact: she’s really excited for Camp Chartwell this year!

Visual Arts 

Denise Ng really really loves children. In fact, her best friend (legit) is her little brother who’s 17 years younger than her. An artist by day and explorer by night, Denise finds joy in unravelling new worlds and discovering the (non)limits of imagination and creativity through art, design and writing. She recently interned at Bubbly Books, a children’s book publishing company under SBPA and also ran Heartschool over the summer this year, teaching children about faith through different methods of art – including silk screen printing, watercolour and bookbinding/making. Together with a group of student designers, she recently became a part of Tandem, the Designers’ Guild in Yale-NUS, where she helps organise special events, create merchandise and complete commissions. She also writes songs, plays the ukulele and is currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel-picture book about everyday life with her little brother/best friend.

Jeza Mine’s love for architecture stems from the profound sensitivity it embodies. Architecture envelops multiple dimensions and slips into the shoes of diverse people – it is this anonymous power that she enjoys, to imagine herself as different people, to understand the way they think, feel, to capture their energy, in shaping them in ways sometimes even unconscious to them. Being immersed in a unique hands-on and multidisciplinary architectural curriculum in SUTD allowed her to discover her passion for people and for design education, and a motivation to lead, inspire and impart others, especially the young with new and multi-faceted ways of seeing and thinking. When SUTD doesn’t engulf her, she enjoys re-inventing herself through dancing and acting!


12343409_10206319749325996_863222892_o Min Ying can’t decide if she loves dance or music more. She plays the piano, drums and composes original music. She has worked with renowned pianists like Alena Cherny and performed in SOTA’s Art Festival, the Esplanade and National Citizenship Ceremony. In 2013, her compositional piece, “Surge”, was selected as the finale item of the SOTA End Of Year Concert. At the same time, Min choreographs her own dances and has performed in shows such as Mediacorp “Jump Class” TV Shooting and Apink (Popular KPOP Girl Band) Concert Promo. She has also formed and is leading a dance crew in Yale-NUS called PCM^2. Together with PCM^2, she organised Yale-NUS’s first ever dance showcase. She is an intern with Distinct Creative Arts (DCA), a leading dance company in Singapore for performing and creative arts needs, where she facilitates and assists dance lessons in various schools in Singapore.



Shanice Nicole Stanislaus loves both dance and theatre but most of all, she loves sharing these amazing art forms with children! Dance and theatre have always been a way for her to keep in touch with her imagination and allow her a way to tell many wonderful stories through body and voice. She is a licensed Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids Junior Instructor and has just returned from dance theatre training in New York City and Barcelona. She also loves bringing dance to children in Cambodia and will be continuing her adventures of teaching the children there. In her free time, she enjoys teaching Zumba and making films with her friends.

img_9710Tiffany Tzeng collects lines of poetry and keeps them in her pocket for moments when they seem relevant.  Sometimes, her mind wanders back to the Modern Age, to a post-WWI time. “Turning and turning in the widening gyre; the falcon cannot hear the falconer” (Yeats). She’s fascinated by how art in this time period can so clearly reflect the Modernist worldview.  She points out how people’s experiences are uniquely their own, but through art and language people can express their experiences.  She’s spent her whole life exploring these forms of expression: you can find her performing Chinese dance or scrawling down a new beloved quote to add to her quote-wall.  Time travel is considered a thing of science fiction, but Tiffany considers art to be her time machine, transporting her both to the past and future.  And she’s excited to invite others to join her travels!